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What You Need to Know When Buying a New Carpet

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We have cleaned thousands of square feet of carpets during our 11-plus years in business. By doing so, I’ve learned a lot about carpet styles, colors, fibers, stain resistance, durability, and price. New carpeting doesn’t come cheap. You can easily spend several hundred dollars to carpet a room. For example, a living room can be 200-600+ square feet, and new carpeting typically costs $2-$4 and up per square foot. Then throw in carpet pad and installation and you’re likely to spend $500-$1,500+ on living room carpet alone, not to mention carpeting for the bedroom, game room, or man cave. Certainly, you want to protect the investment you make in your new carpet.

When Shopping for New Carpet, Buy Smart

If you’re in the market for new carpeting, do some research. As a result, you’ll be confident you’re making a well-informed purchasing decision. I recommend purchasing a durable, high-quality carpet. Not only will the new carpet look and perform well, it will save you money down the road. Unless you want a different style or color, you probably won’t need to replace it for decades. Although the upfront expense is usually higher for a premium carpet, you’ll realize a nice savings and great performance over its long lifespan.

Choose Nylon Carpet Over Polyester Carpet

When shopping for new carpeting, don’t just consider the price tag. Also consider the carpet’s durability, longevity, stain resistance and maybe most important, fiber type. I recommend investing in nylon carpet instead of polyester carpet. Although both look great and feel soft when they’re new, nylon carpet fibers will outlast polyester fibers. A polyester carpet will start showing wear (traffic lanes) within a year or two and will only last about 10 years. A nylon carpet will last 30-40 years.

Additionally, it’s easier to remove stains from a nylon carpet. Here’s why: polyester carpet is made from recycled plastic.  It may feel soft to the touch, but in essence, it is a plastic fiber.  The resiliency (bounce back) is much less than nylon fibers, thus the traffic lanes appear much sooner, appear dirtier and remain longer than nylon.  Furthermore, plastic is a petroleum-based product, and oil loves oil. Carpet stains in polyester fibers are hard to remove on your own. At NEW Solid Surface Cleaning, we use a special cleaning agent to lift greasy carpet stains from polyester carpets.

Safeguard Your Warranty with Professional Cleaning

New carpets typically come with 5- to 10-year warranties, but there’s a catch. Most carpet warranties require professional cleaning every 12-18 months. To maintain your carpet’s warranty, you need to show proof you complied with this cleaning requirement. To uphold your new carpet warranty, be sure to schedule professional carpet cleaning every year. Annual cleaning reduces the risk that you will be stuck paying out-of-pocket to replace your carpet, should it become stained or damaged. Plus, professional cleaning enables you and your family to enjoy a clean, allergen-free carpet without the fuss of shampooing it yourself.

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Carpeting provides warmth, style, texture, and interest to a room. Don’t take it for granted! Extend the life of your new carpet and protect your investment by buying smart and scheduling a professional floor cleaning every 12-18 months. NEW Solid Surface Cleaning is Green Bay and Pulaski’s floor cleaner to trust. We’ve built a 5-Star reputation (based on nearly 100 reviews) for great customer service and high-quality floor cleaning. Call Randy at 920-604-3773 to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment today.