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10-year Anniversary Wisdom: Make People Happy

By Randy Grygiel, owner/operator of NEW Solid Surface Cleaning.

In October I celebrated the 10-year anniversary of NEW Solid Surface Cleaning. Where did the time go? It seems like yesterday I was begging for the phone to ring. How things have changed since 2009. As a new decade unfolds, I’d like to do a quick Q&A to take look back before charging ahead into 2020.

anniversary of NEW Solid Surface Cleaning
NEW Solid Surface Cleaning opened in 2009 as solo owner/operator with a portable cleaning unit. Now we have two work vans both equipped with powerful truck-mount systems.

Q & A with Randy Grygiel

I went through two bankruptcies with the same company. I decided it was time to work for and control my own future.
Do your research thoroughly. Ask a lot of questions! Make sure your business will be something you love to do. Work hard, and never give up.
In year 4-5 I started to see an uptick in business. The phone rang more. Repeat customers and word of mouth referrals really started to kick in. Once I made it over the 5-year hump, I never looked back. It is true that the first 5 years of business are tough.
I have a driving force to see that my business is successful. I was taught from an early age to do everything to the best of my ability. Do it right the first time. Don't cut corners. Above all, I truly like making people happy!
I have 2 favorites. My floors have never looked this clean, and you have such a positive attitude.
• Started with a portable cleaning unit as solo owner/operator • Now have 2 work vans both equipped with powerful truck-mount systems • Also offer (VLM) very low moisture cleaning for carpets • Grew to 3 employees with a seasonal fourth in the summer • Added the Just Gone System to completely remove all odors, allergens, viruses, mold and mildew • Certified in Natural Stone Restoration and Refinishing • Certified to apply specialty coatings to various floor surfaces
Thank you, thank you to all my customers, family and friends! I couldn't celebrate this 10-year anniversary without you.

Ready for Floor Cleaning? Helpful Pre-cleaning Instructions

move items for floor cleaning prep
Please move toys, furniture and small items out of a room before we arrive to clean your carpets or hard surfaces.

Congratulations! You scheduled a floor cleaning appointment with NEW Solid Surface Cleaning, an experienced, industry-certified, and fully insured cleaning company in the Green Bay area. Now what? What do you need to do before we arrive for hard surface floor cleaning or carpet cleaning? Here are some instructions, so you know how to prepare your rooms for floor cleaning.

Residential customers


  • Pick up items on the floor or carpet, such as rugs, toys, and plants
  • Move furniture out of the room if possible, including recliners, couches, and sofas. If it’s too difficult, we’ll move them at no extra charge.
  • Leave the driveway open so we can park our van near your home. We require front door or garage door access for our technicians and equipment.
  • Meet us at the door. As an alternative, keep a service door unlocked or provide us with an access code to get inside. We take your trust seriously.
  • Be willing to let us use an outside faucet. Our van carries 100 gallons of water, but we occasionally hook up our hoses to the client’s outdoor or garage faucet.
  • Plan to stay off the carpeting. Hard surfaces dry in 10-15 minutes, while carpets dry in 4-6 hours, depending on the time of year, humidity, and temperature.


  • Move heavy furniture, such as entertainment centers, curio cabinets, beds, and dressers. We simply clean around them. We charge by the square footage. As a result, you only pay for the floor we clean, not the entire room.
  • Vacuum the carpet or sweep floors before we arrive. We will use our professional cleaning equipment to clean the carpet, tile and grout, vinyl (VCT), linoleum, stone, or wood floors.
  • Have pets or young children around while we’re cleaning. It’s safer for people and animals alike. Furthermore, we’ll be more efficient by focusing only on floor cleaning.

In addition to residential floor cleaning, NEW Solid Surface Cleaning keeps floors looking their best for commercial customers, also. Here are some instructions for what to do prior to commercial floor cleaning.

Commercial customers


  • Pick up personal items from underneath and around your desks
  • Place your chair on your desk, if feasible
  • Move lightweight furniture and office equipment off the floor
  • Remove chair mats and rugs
  • Plan to stay off the carpeting. Hard surfaces dry in 10-15 minutes, while carpets dry in 4-6 hours, depending on the time of year, humidity, and temperature.


  • Move heavy objects. We can clean around them
  • Worry about disrupting staff and customers. We can schedule floor cleaning at a time that’s convenient for your business. Evening and Saturday appointment are available.

Floor cleaning prep is worth the effort

Ultimately, the preparation for floor cleaning takes some time and effort on your part. However, the results are worth the effort. By following these instructions, you get a more thorough floor cleaning. When we leave, your floors will look and smell great, giving your home or commercial business a gratifying boost. To schedule a residential or commercial floor cleaning appointment, call Randy at 920-604-3773.

Spring Cleaning? Trust a Certified Expert

There’s nothing like a good spring cleaning to lift the soul. A thorough spring cleaning says to the world, “So long, Winter! It’s time for Spring.” April and May are the prime months for spring cleaning. Before inviting someone into your office or home for spring cleaning, make sure you’re dealing with the best in the business. You want someone you can trust, someone who is a carpet and hard-surface flooring expert.

spring cleaning with certification

Cleaner with industry certification

How do you know you’re getting the best service available in the floor-cleaning industry? Look for a company that’s industry-certified.

Cleaner you can trust

NEW Solid Surface Cleaning, Pulaski, recently renewed its Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. What does this mean to you? It means you’re working with a floor cleaning company that is an industry leader.

Dozens of cleaning companies operate in the Green Bay area, but only 5 Green Bay cleaning companies are certified by the IICRC. The IICRC is the nation’s cleaning and restoration certifying body. When hiring a certified company, you welcome into your home or business a cleaner you can trust.

6 certifications

NEW Solid Surface Cleaning is certified in:

Not every floor and carpet cleaning company is created equal. Inexperienced companies can damage your flooring, carpet, showers, counter tops, or upholstery. They may not carry property and liability insurance to right the situation if an accident occurs.

Fully insured professional

That’s why you want to partner with a company like NEW Solid Surface Cleaning. We are fully insured and industry-certified. We took the time to invest in our education and gain the credits needed for certification. Moreover, we know the latest professional cleaning methods, and we use the most effective cleaning solutions.

It’s no surprise that carpet manufacturers trust only certified companies to perform warranty work. A carpet manufacturer knows the certified company will do the job right.

Contact us

Are you ready to brighten your home or business with a bit of spring cleaning? Call Randy at 920-604-3773 to schedule your spring-cleaning appointment.

Customer Service = Clean Floors, Happy Customers

At NEW Solid Surface Cleaning, we have one simple goal: happy customers. Customer service is our priority, from the moment you schedule your floor cleaning appointment to the moment we pull out of your driveway after the job. Here’s the customer service you can expect from us.

Customer service as Jake arrivesWhen we arrive for floor and carpet cleaning

We’ll greet you at the door with a friendly smile and a hand shake. Then, we’ll ask to see the area you want cleaned: carpet, upholstery, tile and grout, wood, vinyl or natural stone floors. We’ll ask about any special circumstances. Are there any pet stain issues? Have you noticed any other spills or stains? Do we need to watch out for pets or small children while we’re cleaning? Does it matter where we start? What would be most convenient for you?

Certainly, we realize we’re guests in your home, and we do our best to be courteous and considerate of your needs.

Customers typically do a good job moving furniture out of the way for cleaning. If it’s difficult for you to move the furniture yourself, we’ll move it at no extra charge. We can easily place sliders under sofas, loveseats and recliners to move them. Entertainment centers, curio cabinets, beds, dressers and other large furnishings are best left in place. We can clean around them.

While we are cleaning floors and carpetscustomer service floor cleaning

First and foremost, we make sure your property and furnishings are protected while we’re cleaning. The cleaning method we use to clean floors is safe and effective. Every step of the cleaning process is carefully completed by our professionally trained staff. Detail oriented, we use corner guards to prevent our hoses from bumping or rubbing against corners as we clean. We lay towels in transition areas to prevent slips. We make sure to vacuum, pretreat, scrub and rinse all accessible areas of the floor or upholstery.

Before we leave a floor cleaning job

Most customers are concerned about how long it takes for their carpets to dry. Because of this, we always place fans in the carpeted rooms that we’ve cleaned. We are very conscious of having the carpets dry in 4 to 5 hours. That way, you can get back to your normal routine. Any furniture we removed will be put back in place. We’ll pack up our hoses and cleaning tools and be on our way. We can lock up when we leave, if you prefer.

Customer service is our priority

It’s all about providing the best possible customer service we can. Our customers know we’ll take care of any floor or upholstery cleaning they need. To schedule a residential or commercial floor cleaning appointment, call Randy at 920-604-3773.