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10-year Anniversary Wisdom: Make People Happy

By Randy Grygiel, owner/operator of NEW Solid Surface Cleaning.

In October I celebrated the 10-year anniversary of NEW Solid Surface Cleaning. Where did the time go? It seems like yesterday I was begging for the phone to ring. How things have changed since 2009. As a new decade unfolds, I’d like to do a quick Q&A to take look back before charging ahead into 2020.

anniversary of NEW Solid Surface Cleaning
NEW Solid Surface Cleaning opened in 2009 as solo owner/operator with a portable cleaning unit. Now we have two work vans both equipped with powerful truck-mount systems.

Q & A with Randy Grygiel

I went through two bankruptcies with the same company. I decided it was time to work for and control my own future.
Do your research thoroughly. Ask a lot of questions! Make sure your business will be something you love to do. Work hard, and never give up.
In year 4-5 I started to see an uptick in business. The phone rang more. Repeat customers and word of mouth referrals really started to kick in. Once I made it over the 5-year hump, I never looked back. It is true that the first 5 years of business are tough.
I have a driving force to see that my business is successful. I was taught from an early age to do everything to the best of my ability. Do it right the first time. Don't cut corners. Above all, I truly like making people happy!
I have 2 favorites. My floors have never looked this clean, and you have such a positive attitude.
• Started with a portable cleaning unit as solo owner/operator • Now have 2 work vans both equipped with powerful truck-mount systems • Also offer (VLM) very low moisture cleaning for carpets • Grew to 3 employees with a seasonal fourth in the summer • Added the Just Gone System to completely remove all odors, allergens, viruses, mold and mildew • Certified in Natural Stone Restoration and Refinishing • Certified to apply specialty coatings to various floor surfaces
Thank you, thank you to all my customers, family and friends! I couldn't celebrate this 10-year anniversary without you.